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About the nerd!

Mark Nijhof is the conversion nerd

Hi, My name is Mark Nijhof and I am The Conversion Nerd.

Since 2000 I have been working as a professional programmer for companies ranging from big multinationals till startups. And the last 6 years I have been working on my own startups, the last being The Childish Stylist which I started together with my wife.

Bad websites don't sell!

In my experience no matter how good the product or service, you won't sell if the website fails to properly communicate or falls short in establishing trust!

Because of that I have been studying and applying conversion rate optimization techniques, positioning and human psychology to improve websites so they generate more conversions.

Since we are bootstrapping The Childish Stylist I only have limited time to help other companies with my experience to get more conversions from the same traffic!

Hire me!

If you believe your website should be performing better, and honestly, don't we all, then hire me to help you with that!

I'll guarantee that investing in making your website perform better is the best way to increase your sales and will improve your bottom line!