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You will not receive a big box filled with a lot of clothes only having to return a bunch because you only needed two outfits.

No, you select the Småkassen size that matches with your actual needs.

Keep your whole delivery and earn 10 % of the value for your next småkasse. It will be transferred to your Sparekassen account.

Småkassen sizes

NOK 5000
Between 13 and 16 items on average.
NOK 4000
Between 10 and 12 items on average.
NOK 3000
Between 7 and 10 items on average.
NOK 2500
Between 6 and 8 items on average.
NOK 2000
Between 5 and 7 items on average.
NOK 1500
Between 4 and 5 items on average.

Items in all price ranges

Småkassen example

Pants from 250 NOK
Dresses from 400 NOK

Småkassen example

Hoodies from 500 NOK
Long Sleeves from 200 NOK

Småkassen example

Sweaters from 400 NOK
T-shirts from 300 NOK

Bodies from 200 NOK
Tights from 170 NOK